Third Crisis 0.7.5 Public Release!


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We’ve worked hard for the past month to deliver you a combat-focused update revolving around the Lumber Rats in the Carcen Slums, along with a new holiday event that contains a festive outfit and a new mission to obtain it!

We’ve been taking a small break for the holidays, which means that the next public release in February (0.7.6) will contain a couple added CG sets and not much else. March will bring the next major update to the public in the form of 0.8.0.

Happy Holidays from the Third Crisis team!

0.7.5 Patchnotes

Third Crisis 0.5.2 Patron Release


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0.5.2 Patchnotes
0.5.1 Patchnotes
0.5.0 Patchnotes

We’ve added new sound effects, and some new music tracks, along with a new outfit and a clothing store to get it at. We’ve also added a whole new main story sequence with sexy scenes, new faces, and some combat to top it all off! We’ve added CGs to the ‘Jenna’s Wet Dream’ scene, where Jenna has a flashback dream about Karen. With all these additions comes a ton of bugfixes as well, making the game hopefully a lot more stable for everyone to enjoy.

0.5.2 will be available to the public on November 1st!

Third Crisis 0.4.2 Public Release


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We’ve released our combat overhaul update to the public! We’re incredibly happy with how quickly we were able to put together a whole new system for combat. We still need to port the old fights to use the new combat system, so until then there will be the legacy combat system (only for the prologue fights and curfew) and the new combat system in the game at the same time.

We hope that you guys enjoy this update! There’s not much story content to sink your teeth in, but there are a ton of sprite additions and new systems to make up for it. Feel free to read the patchnotes linked below to see what we added, and have fun! ♥

0.4.2 Patchnotes