Dev Update – April 10th, 2019

This is a week old Development Update originally posted to Patreon on April 10th, 2019.

Vilsa here! As you can tell from the banner, we’ve got a lot of eye-candy to show off.

Rosas are Red



Thao has been making progress on tidying up the first CG set for Rosas are Red. The ‘R’ on the back of the phone is just placeholder for a cute rose-related case.

Third Crisis



We’ve received some more art from Scapefiend for the sublevels! The rest will be in soon to help make them stand out from the main fiend hub.


No fancy art here, but bearcore and I have been hard at work on patching all the softlocks that have been plaguing 0.10 and 0.9. We’ve also been working on a resource management system to make memory usage a LOT lower than it has been especially for Android devices. Initial tests have dropped memory usage of the game from around 1.67GBs to ~200MB, so we’re super excited to have it complete. This will mean that the game won’t crash from out-of-memory problems on lower-end Android devices.

The only problem is that there are hitches during dialogues when the images load in and out, which obviously we don’t want. We’re looking to find a happy balance between performance and memory usage before releasing the bugfix patches (0.9.2-r and 0.10.1-pr).


As we’ve told you guys before, rated is going to be taking over for the CGs. Originally she was just doing character art for us, but now she’ll be bringing the CGs in-line with the art-style of the characters in dialogue. She’ll only been able to dedicate a few days a month to us because she’s a busy person, but the sheer volume of work she does in those three days should be enough to carry updates. I’ll show you what I mean, buckle up.



These above images are little excerpts from the completed CG set and dialogue sprite for a new character that will be introduced in 0.11.0. The amount of variants in the one CG set are insane! If I showed you all the possible combinations, we’d be here all day.





Now here are the CGs that we have sketches for, but they weren’t able to be finished in time.  These are only barely scratching the surface of the variants that rated ‘s done for these CG sets. It’s uncertain whether these CG sets will be able to make it into 0.11.0, because she won’t have much more time for this month to dedicate to us. No worries though, because they will be eventually making their way into the game to replace old CGs and help create new scenes ASAP. There is also a blowjob CG set that is on the way to replace a couple of the old blowjob CG sets, but we don’t have sketches of that one yet.

Rated has been an MVP these past few days with how much work she’s managed to get done in such a short time.

That’s all for this week! We’ll see you all next week on Wednesday for another Development Update!

Dev Update – April 4th, 2019

This is a week old Development Update originally posted to Patreon on April 4th, 2019.

Heya all! Vilsa here with another Dev Update for the week. I’m tired as heck and you should all be playing the brand new releases anyway, so this will be a little brief maybe, who knows.

New Releases!

So you probably know by now that 0.10.0 and 0.9.1 are both out for patrons and the public respectively. Here’s a link to the post on our blog that shows off both of them.

Rosas are Red

Here’s the cool new eye candy for the week! Thao has been speedy at getting together sketches of new CGs for our little Rosas are Red remaster. Here’s a little peek and I’ll explain our plans after.



Send Thao some love on Twitter!

Okay so now that I’ve got your attention with the lewds, lemme explain. We’re planning to take Rosas are Red and polish it up to perfection with new visuals and CGs, then sell that remaster for a low price of around $5 on places like and Steam. We’ll be giving keys out to you lovely patrons as well, and the current non-remastered version will still stay on perfectly free.

We’re going to make sure that RaR doesn’t take much time away from Third Crisis, because we know how much you all love TC. Expect more RaR eye candy from Thao in these Dev Updates alongside the normal TC eye candy.

I’ll be putting only ‘Development Update’ in the banners now (as you can see in the banner above) because we’ll be showing off both RaR and TC work along with general news in regards to us here at Anduo Games from now on.

Cutting-Edge Patrons

We’re going to be making a new tier available at $25 once we’ve put together the setup for it. It’ll be called the ‘Cutting-Edge’ tier and it will give you access to very very early WIP development builds of Third Crisis that are created as changes are made to our internal repo of the game. The builds themselves could range from in-complete to horribly busted, but it would allow you to join us in TC’s development with early feedback as we’re working on new updates.

The reason why it is priced so high is to help make sure that the only ones that take the tier are dedicated people that understand the cons of such cutting-edge access. Taking this tier doesn’t mean you HAVE to give us feedback, so don’t worry about that. You don’t even have to play the earlier buggier builds of the month if you don’t want to.

You could use this tier to get a few days of earlier access than the $5 tier, you could use it to help with development via quick feedback, or you can just enjoy the clout that it’ll get you on the Discord server.

We’re hoping to get this tier properly setup within the next week or so. SoonTM.

Streamed Meetings

So you might have seen that we streamed one of our internal meetings a few days ago. This was a first for us, but we felt like it really helped out with the productivity and idea flow of the meeting. We’ll be planning another streamed meeting sometime soon, but we’ll figure out a better time for it so that people will be able to watch it live. Possibly on the weekend sometime for the next one, stay tuned and follow our Picarto streams so you can be notified when we go live!

That’s all for this week! We’ll see you all next Wednesday (or maybe Thursday…) for another Development Update!

Dev Update – March 27th, 2019

This is a week old Development Update originally posted to Patreon on March 27th, 2019.

Heya all. Vilsa here with the news. Let’s just get right into news and then we’ll get into eye candy after.


This is the reason that this update has been a little late, sorry about that. I’ve honestly been trying to think on how I’ll tell this news. Let me first say that Third Crisis is perfectly fine and everything is going to continue moving forward, no worries on that one. I guess I’ll just tell it simply.

GearZs is going to be leaving the Anduo team. He was our main artist on Third Crisis and he’s been with us since we began work on Asuna2 (TC’s internal project name). We’ve been having creative differences here and there for a while now and we all agreed that it would be best if he moved on to other endeavors. There’s no ill-will towards him, and we sincerely hope that he shines bright in whatever he decides to do moving forward. Please don’t bug him about this. I know you guys probably won’t harass him because you’re all awesome, but I just want to be sure.

It’s tough to see a friend go, but it really is for the best for everyone involved.


So obviously the above news is going to be a bit of a downer (it sure is for me…), but I meant it when I said that Third Crisis isn’t going anywhere. Rated EHCS is going to be taking over when it comes to the h-scene CG art that Gear was in-charge of. Rated as you may know is the lovely person that takes care of our character sprite art for dialogues.

This change means that the CGs moving forward will be matching the art style of the dialogue sprites. Of course, we’ll have to eventually go back and fix up the old CGs to match the new art style, but we’ll figure that out as we move forward. Until then the scene art will suddenly change in art style when you reach the new scenes.

You’ll be seeing the first of these new Rated CGs in 0.11.0 for patrons in May.

Rosas are Red

You might have seen this image if you’re on the Discord, but here it is if you haven’t heard.


We’re going to be working with a lovely artist named Thao on bringing Rosa to life in a remaster of Rosas are Red that will expand on the original game by adding CGs in the form of selfies and such that Rosa will send to you. We’ll explain more as development starts up, but right now enjoy the concept art.

Eye Candy

I’m gonna just give you a nice dump of eye candy with no context now. Here you go.






That’s all for this week. We’ll see you all next Wednesday for another Development Update.

April Releases! (0.9.1 & 0.10.0)

Patron Release!


Play Here! ($5 Patrons Only)

0.10.0 Patchnotes
We’ve got a new update with lots of sexy new scenes for you to enjoy! This is also our
first update to add animated CGs. There’s no guarantee that all CGs moving forward will
be animated (especially the more complicated CGs), but we figured it was cool so we did
animations for the CGs in the bartending content.

This update also contains the most h-scenes we’ve ever added in an update at 25 new
scenes added to the gallery. The entire game before this update had 45, now we’re at 70
scenes total in the gallery.


Public Release!

Play Here!

0.9.1 Patchnotes
0.9.0 Patchnotes
We’re back with another slice of main story content including a whole new location for
you to explore and new characters to meet! There’s also a new minigame to play in the
bar that has you bartending. Don’t get groped!

Dev Update – March 20th, 2019

This is a week old Development Update originally posted to Patreon on March 20th, 2019.

Heya everyone! Vilsa here with a particularly potent dose of eye candy for this week! Let’s get right to it!


I’ll just let these scenes speak for themselves.



There’s a few more animations other than these that we aren’t going to show. We don’t want to spoil all of it. You’ll get to see them all when you’re playing 0.10!

Now the obvious question after seeing these is are we going to be doing animations for every scene now? Well… Not exactly. This is mainly the product of a passion project from bearcore, where he’s learnt how to animate and toyed with the CGs to make these. It takes him a long time to do these even though they are fairly simple when compared to a full-on sex scene like some of our other CGs would require. Basically we might see more animations for CGs in the future, but it all comes down to whether bear is feeling up for it since he’s not exactly an experienced animator (even though these sweet animations would make you think otherwise).

Story Peeks

No big spoilers! But here’s a little peek into the new main story mission to tease your appetite.



That’s all for this week! Hope you guys are as excited as we are about the cool new animations! We’ll see you all next week on Wednesday for another Development Update!

Dev Update – March 14th, 2019

This is a week old Development Update originally posted to Patreon on March 14th, 2019.

Heyo all! Vilsa here with a quick little Dev Update. No real eye candy to show since we’ve just finished up with bugfixes for 0.9.1.

That’s all for this week! We’ll see you next Wednesday for another Development Upda-

Just kidding.

Expression Mixing

With 0.9.1, we’ve quickly added in a different way to display expressions on characters. Now what we do is we slice the expression up into eyes and mouth, allowing us to mix the eyes and mouth between two different expressions to create new expressions. Here’s an example of two new expressions that are possible using this new little system.

See if you can spot the easter egg teasing an upcoming event! 🙂


Content Plans

With 0.10.0, we’re planning to expand on the Fiend Hub and the bartending, along with more main story content that continues where 0.9.0 left off. We’re admittedly a little behind on schedule because of the development cycle of 0.9.0 bleeding over into March, but we’re still planning to release 0.10.0 in early April with new content, bugfixes, and two fun little April events in-game. You can probably guess which two days we’ll be celebrating.

That’s it for real this time. Sorry for the short (and late) Dev Update. We’ll see you all next week on Wednesday for another Development Update!

Dev Update – March 6th, 2019

This is a week old Development Update originally posted to Patreon on March 6th, 2019.

Heyo everyone! Vilsa here with another Dev Update for the week!

Status Update

Today is 0.9.0 day (for patrons)!

We’ve gotten rid of some tough bugs, and it’s looking pretty good for a release later today. Unfortunately we’ve been running into some problems with the Android build where it’s been suddenly crashing during startup. This hasn’t been occurring on any of the other platforms and at worse this will mean that we’ll release all the other platforms except for Android until we’ve fixed it.

We’re still waiting on two fairly simple outfits from rated that should be done in time for release today. You’ll see the sketches for them below. Time for some eye candy!

New Outfits

Here is what the new outfits for Jenna and Jewel will look like. You’ll acquire these during the new main story content in 0.9.



Here’s the completed dialogue sprite for Rida, including some cool little effects for her Electro-Spear!




We’ve got all the assets for bartending in and we’ve changed the layout a little bit. Here’s what it looks like now!


Small Visual Changes

We’ve added in some icons for the clothing items to make things look a more interesting.


Jewel now has her own variant of the cum layer.


That’s all for this week! Time for me to get back to work on fixing up the Android build. We’ll have at least the PC and Browser builds of 0.9.0 available later today (for patrons), and hopefully Android as well. Stay tuned! See you next Wednesday for another Development Update!